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Real Estate Associates

Tel. 978-777-3030


Ann and Ray McGuiggin have spent over two decades in the real estate profession and can boast of several years of million dollar sales.    More importantly, Ann and Ray have been residents of Ferncroft Tower for over 36 - years and have participated in the sale of 98% of the residences there.  They have been listing and selling properties within the luxury Ferncroft Tower and around Boston’s North Shore for more than two decades.


As residents of the Ferncroft Tower, they can explain the fabulous lifestyle and value of the properties to prospective buyers like no one else.   Representing buyers or sellers to the best of their ability has always been their ultimate goal.  Their experience, knowledge and dedication to the  real estate profession has no equal.  Their extensive knowledge of Ferncroft Tower matters a great deal to clients and consumers alike as evidenced by their twenty-six years of success as . . . the Ferncroft Specialists!

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