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Welcome to Country Crossroads Realty Associates

Country Crossroads Real Estate Associates live and practice on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Our Agents give intelligent fair market pricing, aggressive target marketing and unwavering dedication to detail and feedback. These are the benchmarks that lead to the closing table as successfully and efficiently as possible.  We bring the global power of the internet and marketing network to every doorstep.  Whether you are a BUYER or a SELLER, our agents are trained listeners and as a BUYER they will lead you to the home where you teach us your heart belongs, whether it is your first home or your last.  As a SELLER our agents are professionals who are highly qualified, know the market, and strive to bring you the best price for your home.

Country Crossroads Realty Associates, LLC
Lakeshore Drive, Georgetown, MA 01833
Office phone - 781-405-4867
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