Country Crossroads Realty

99 Lakeshore Drive
Georgetown, MA 01833
Ph 781-405-4867

Broker / Owner
Janet Hitlon Broker/Owner of Country Crossroads Realty LLC.
Janet Hilton,Esq.


Realtors Ray and Ann McGuiggin
Ray and Ann McGuiggin

Lloyd Smith Realtor
Lloyd Smith

Karen Thoresen Realtor at Country Crossroads Realty
Nancy Gullo McDermott

Meg Steele Realtor at Country Crossroads Realty
Meg Steele

Lora Horsley Realtor at Country Crossroads Realty
Lora Horsley

Welcome to Country Crossroads Realty Associates…

Our office is located in Georgetown, Massachusetts at 99 Lakeshore Drive. We serve the North Shore of Massachusetts including Cape Ann.

Janet and George Hilton own and operate Country Crossroads Realty Associates. Janet Hilton has a background as an attorney and advanced critical care RN. Her REALTORS® and clients enjoy the benefit of her unique background. Her door is opened for invaluable consultation and/or the monitoring of blood pressures in challenging markets. George Hilton is a retired Lynn Fire Lieutenant and former Supervisor of 911/Fire Alarm. The culture the Hiltons have created at Country Crossroads is best reflected in their motto "Where A Handshake Still Means Something".

Buying a home - Country Crossroads REALTORS® live and practice all over the North Shore. We are trained listeners and we will lead you to the home where you teach us your heart belongs.
Selling a home - Intelligent fair market pricing, aggressive target marketing and unwavering dedication to detail and feedback are the benchmarks that lead to the closing table as successfully and efficiently as possible. Every single property sells at the right price and time without exception. We will bring the global power of the internet and marketing network to every doorstep.